This is my old copy, with lots of markings and thoughts in the margins and text.

****UPDATE: A new edition created from the 2013 revised edition of the scriptures is available here. Also, all four standard works are now available! Check it out!****

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a link for a PDF copy of the Wide Margin Edition of the Book of Mormon, a perfect gift for a student, missionary, or family member!

The Story Behind the Project:

As a missionary in Minnesota, my mission president encouraged us to take 10 days and study the Book of Mormon deeply and intensely, and write down every thought in the margins.  We spent one day on each of the first ten pages of the Book of Mormon.  It was awesome: looking up every reference, thinking about the meaning of words, considering parallel ideas and themes. I continued this for the rest of my mission, at a slightly quicker pace, and spent 8 months going through it a couple hours a day.  This old copy is one of my most prized posessions. The only problem? Not enough margin space.  I looked into getting the super-huge print edition, but there were still tiny margins to write in.  What I dreamed of was a copy with HUGE margins.  But alas, none existed.

A few years after my mission, I started thinking about how I could do this.  On my first attempt I took a copy of the BoM meant for day planners, and photocopied each page onto a full 8.5×11 page.  It took way too long, and was not easily reproducable.  A few years later, I found the official PDF version put out by the Church and wondered, could I use Acrobat to modify the PDF and make a HUGE margin edition that I could share and reprint when needed? Oh yeah.

My WIDE margin edition, with a few notes, and LOTS more room for future study!

So I increased the text size a little, and added huge margins, then printed out a bunch of copies for myself, my family, and several missionaries that I knew out in the field.  I loved it, and then I began wondering how I could get this out to the general public.  And could I make some money for producing these? It only costs $5 to bind and put covers on it at the UPS store, but the printing costs would probably be so much that I couldn’t make a profit off of it.  So I scapped the idea. Then I thought, “Well, I have that old website, why don’t I post it on there for everyone?”

So here it is.  A PDF copy of the Wide Margin Edition of the Book of Mormon.  Print the PDF, double-sided, on a laser printer, or take it to a copy and print shop and have them print it for you.  Spiral bound it so it lays flat. Then mark it up to your heart’s desire.  It becomes more personal and deep than any other scripture study method that I’ve ever tried.  I hope it works for you, and if it does, please leave a comment and tell me how you’ve enjoyed it.

The PDF File:

Download the Book of Mormon – Wide Margin Edition by right-clicking on this link, then selecting “Save Target As…”  Or you can just click on it normally and use Acrobat Reader to save a copy to your computer.  Enjoy!

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  1. John Little says:

    I’ve done this a few years ago with the Church’s New Testament. Is there one for the Old Testament? D&C? or Pgp?

    • bradjackman says:

      I have not done one for any of the other books, but that’s probably a good idea. I’ll see if I can do them up when I get some time, I’ll respond and let you know when/if I get them posted. Thanks for asking!

  2. Mary W. says:

    Is this the version of the scriptures that we have now, or the new version that is available online already?

  3. Lenore Moser says:

    Here’s the new pdf version the Church just came out with.

  4. mtalley2tx says:

    Tried to obtain the file to print out or save and it states that The file is either corrupt or protected and cannot be opened for export.

    • bradjackman says:

      That’s too bad. I just emailed you the newest file, hopefully that works for you. Check out all four standard works, now available in wide margin edition!

  5. Becky says:

    Thank you for this – this will be perfect for my studies!

  6. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much! I think this will really help me! I truly appreciate you offering it for free! 🙂

  7. Wanda says:

    Thank you so much. I’m excited to make this.

  8. I put a link on my Book of Mormon Study page. If this is not ok please let me know and I will remove it.

  9. Michele says:

    Thank you! What a great study tool.

  10. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for something just like this for a long time. I thought about taking a part a book myself and photocopying it, but didn’t think that would be the best idea. This is so much better! Thank you for sharing!

  11. michelle says:

    Thanks for doing this–I’m excited to try it as I have long wished I had more room in the margins.

  12. Lolly says:

    You are my hero. 🙂 In the past year I’ve shifted the way I study and I ADORE this idea of using wider margins!!!! ThANK YOU!!! 🙂 I found the idea on Pinterest – and I’m spreading the word!

  13. Haley says:

    This is wonderful! I can’t wait to print this and increase my study capabilities. Has anyone taken this to a print shop to have them print it for you? Any idea how much the printing costs?

    Thanks again!

    • bradjackman says:

      If I remember right, it was about $5 to have it bound, but I printed mine at home on my own laser printer. Kinkos will probably charge somewhere between $20 and $30 to have it printed, but your local mom and pop print shop might be able to do it for cheaper. If you have it printed, please let us know what it cost. Enjoy!

  14. michelle says:

    🙁 I’ve been able to download this file but it won’t open–it says that the file is damaged and it cannot be repaired. I’ve tried a couple of different times and on different computers. Any ideas? Any one else having problems? I am really looking forward to using this.

    Thank you!

    • bradjackman says:

      Michelle, sorry you’ve been having trouble. Check out my newest post for a new edition with the 2013 updates. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

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  16. danielle says:

    this is a wonderful idea thank you so much….i printed this so me and my family can use it as a family book of mormon and each can mark our own fav. verses in different colors cant wait to c which scriptures look like a rainbow of colors…. if u do the kjv please let me know would like that as well for us so we can actually use both scripture books as one family untied…. thanks again

  17. jeff hy says:

    Thank you so much. I actually had the same exact experience as you in my mission and have always wished for a wider margin Book of Mormon. I made my own notebook of notes when I went through it and wrote down what I got out of every single verse. That notebook is one of my most precious items. I actually submitted to the church to get approval to get a wide margin printed, but they said no. I can understand why too…it would have looked like they published it and they they just want to make sure that if it looks like they publish it, that they actually do. Anyway, thank you for doing this. Awesome!

  18. Paula Jones says:

    I tried to download the new 2013 version but when I try to open it it says the page has an error. If you could email them to me that would be great! What a great idea!

  19. gigi d says:

    Thanks for this. I am not LDS(nor do I plan to be…) but a family friend really does scripture study as a family daily. This will be a wonderful gift to tell them we accept their beliefs 🙂 also, a bible version of this would be nice!

  20. Diane says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate your work and time.

  21. Woody Brison says:

    I saw a study Bible with wide margins in 1972.

  22. amy says:

    Wow- thanks so much for taking your time to do this and for sharing. A kind genius!! Thank you!

  23. Yvonne Peard says:

    Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted. I would love it for all of the scriptures. I have been ripping pages from two Books of Mormon and pasting them in a scrapbook to accomplish this! I wonder if they sell this type of scriptures anywhere? Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. Shelly says:

    Thank you SO much for this! I live in South Africa and saw this copy on an Instagram page. I am SO excited!!!! 💚💛💜💙

  25. […] found a free pdf file of the Book of Mormon that Brad Jackman shared. It is laid out so that there are super wide margins all around the text. This lets you […]

    • Brian says:

      How did you get around copyright issues… I want to do something similar with the Book of Mormon but was told to use the 1920 edition because it is out of copyright.

  26. Roger says:

    Amazing. I was just googling about if a wide margin edition existed and found this.


  27. Celeste Mann says:

    I had trouble getting it to print a few weeks back when I tried but worked like a charm today.
    I used heavy card stock so watercolors won’t bleed through and it is probably 5 inches thick! I hope I can find a spiral back for our book binder that is wide enough.
    I am encouraging all my kids to make one. I have so many scripture journal entries and quotes but absolutely no organization to find anything.
    Thanks so much for such an awesome project!

  28. Celeste says:

    This is wonderful. I got card stock at Michaels for $2.00 per 50. Bought a copy card at UPS mail fir .06 per page and Staples bound it with a plastic cover for $6.00. Making it for my kids and other special people.

  29. Mommer says:

    I found this link a while back and took the file to Office Depot. They wanted to charge .1 cent per page which was $55.22 without binding. I decided to just print one page at a time as needed at home for each of my children and myself. Then, someone moved into our ward who owns a Print shop. I spoke to him about this format.

    He is charges $20.00 for the wide margin Book of Mormon in a spiral binding.

    I bought one for each of my family members, then my sisters and mom wanted one, and then my friends and then their friends. I ordered 5 more last week for my sister’s friends because the printer is close to me and we can met up to avoid shipping costs. There is no profit in this. It is about sharing the book and encouraging study, note taking, doodling, drawing in the scriptures.

    My printer told me he would create a link for me to share, so others could purchase directly from his store. Standard usps shipping rates and handling for non local deliveries will be added accordingly. I think $20 plus shipping and handling is pretty reasonable.

    Thank you so much for this link. Since we started using the wide margin Book of Mormon, my family and I have spent more time with the scriptures. My studying has increased tremendously as I take notes, doodle and draw in the margins and across the words, and my recall has increased because of the visual images I create to remember the things I read. I am so grateful for this format. :))). Thank you once again, M

    • Genese says:

      Hello, I’m from GA I was reading this and I’ve been wanting to do this as well but the price to have it printed is to much. I’d like to get a hold of your printer to order this. Can I have your printers name and phone number?
      Genese Benevento

    • Teri says:

      Is there a link to this printing business?

  30. Pamela says:

    I love this concept. I am looking forward to printing the standard works, and having plenty of room to make notes, and record thoughts.
    Would you consider doing this for the book, Jesus the Christ?

    Thank you for putting your inspiration into reality.

  31. Melinda says:

    You are brilliant! Ive saved this link and will be showing it to everyone at church since we will be studying the new testament next year. I can’t wait to get this printed and bound. Its the perfect excuse for me to buy a binding set. Thank so much


  32. Ashlee says:

    I have LOVED using these wide margin scriptures for my studies. With the new Come Follow Me program, I was wondering if you would possibly consider doing this with the new Come Follow Me – For Individuals and Families Manual for the 2019 year? Thanks for all you have done!

  33. Lavinia says:

    Thank you for these I have been working on this project myself a lot of people in USA sell this but cannot ship to Australia and Im grateful that its here free… will definitely be sharing this link with my primary mum and dads with the new Coe follow me this will be a great help in the homes of our saints

  34. Lavinia says:

    Thank you for these I have been working on this project myself a lot of people in USA sell this but cannot ship to Australia and Im grateful that its here free… will definitely be sharing this link with my primary mum and dads with the new Coe follow me this will be a great help in the homes of our saints thank you

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