Well, in this era of electronic anonymity and identity theft, you might wonder why I have a blog at BradJackman.com. Well, many years ago I bought the domain and hosted a resume here.  Now, as my career is getting more and more settled, I have no more use to host a resume.  But then what do I do with this domain?  Should I let it go defunct, and let cybersquatters set up some lame ad page with the URL that contains MY name?  So on behalf of me and all the other Brad Jackmans out there, I decided to preserve this domain from the cyber squatting forces out there and set up this blog.

Now shouldn’t I be afraid of letting my real identity out there?  Maybe.  What about revealing my thoughts to the world under my true name?  Nobody should be surprised that I’m opinionated, or a faithful mormon, or a family man.  Nothing to hide there. (As an aside, I previously published a very opinionated family history blog under an anonymous account, and the powers that be figured out who I was anyway.) So maybe it’s not the smartest idea, but I’ve done stupider things.

So then what do I put here?  Well, I guess, whatever I want.  I’m inspired by Truman Madsen’s opening to the series on the Prophet Joseph Smith, where he says, and I’m paraphrasing, “I have all this material and I want to unload it.  I don’t care if anybody shows up, just give me a room and a microphone, and it will be fine.” I’ve got several LDS hacks, genealogy posts, and various projects I’d just like to get out there.  There’s no dedicated reader base, and I’m not making any money off this, but if one person can google “Wide Margin Book of Mormon” and download a copy, then it will be a success in my book.

So this is my room and my microphone, my place to unload.  Or, as a Book of Mormon Prophet named Nephi once had, a garden tower where he could pour out the thoughts of his heart. The garden just happened to back up to the highway though, and everyone could hear him.  And so it is with this blog: my personal place to share my thoughts with the world.

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