Okay, this is the last Levi Jackman post for a while, I promise. In the Church History Library’s online collections is a photo of my ancestor, Levi Jackman. It’s higher quality than anything I’ve seen before, but not the resolution I really would have liked. Oh well. So after having attempted some minor photo colorization projects in the past for books I’ve published, I decided to get serious. I watched several tutorials and read several pages that gave instructions on how to properly colorize a black and white photo to make it appear lifelike. The following image is my first attempt, but I think it turned out well enough that I will keep working on it. We’ll see. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough to help me feel like I know him a little bit better.

Each picture can be viewed in full size by clicking on the image. The images can be downloaded by right clicking and selecting “Save as.”

Original Black and White Image

Levi Jackman B&W


Colorized Version

Levi Jackman Colorized


Closeup of his face

Levi Jackman Colorized Bust

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  2. Becky Hutchings says:

    Very cool! We must be related as Levi Jackman is my husband’s how ever many greats grandpa. Thanks for sharing this!

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