BYU Roundtable Discussions – Separated

JAN 2014 EDIT: These links will still work for some of you, but to resolve many of the issues people were having with downloading these, I have uploaded them to Google Drive. See the new links HERE.

So there’s been hundreds of you who have downloaded the BYU Roundtable Discussions, a massive file including almost 5 gigabytes of MP3 audio files.  I’ve loved listening to them, but some of you have been unable to download such large files.  So I’ve made several smaller files that will allow you to download just the files you want.

(If they try to open and won’t download, right click on the following links and select “Save As” to save them to your hard drive)

Discussions on the Book of Mormon

Discussions on the D&C

Discussions on the Old Testament

Our Savior in the Gospels

Discussions on Acts to Revelation

Discussions on the PoGP

Hopefully these work better for some of you. We’ll see!

3 thoughts on “BYU Roundtable Discussions – Separated”

  1. Do you have the series that covered the Lectures on Faith too?
    Thank you do much for providing these discussions here!

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