JAN 2014 EDIT: These links will still work for some of you, but to resolve many of the issues people were having with downloading these, I have uploaded them to Google Drive. See the new links HERE.

Years ago I saw one of the BYU Rountable Discussions on the Book of Mormon while I was flipping through the channels and landed on BYUTV. It was actually quite interesting, so I went to the website to see what the program was all about. There was a series for every set of the standard works! It was like having a BYU religion class in your living room! Great! Except I didn’t have time to watch several hundred episodes right then.

I saw that they offered an audio download option for all of the episodes and I downloaded the MP3s in hopes of beginning to listen to them, but I never did. Then I forgot about them, then my hard drive crashed, and I figured I could just download them again sometime if I wanted to. Several years have passed, and now I’m living in Idaho with 45 minutes of commute each day and I’m looking for something to listen to as I go to work. I had already finished the Sped-Up Book of Mormon in a few months, and remembered these old MP3s!  I went to the BYUTV site and could see the videos available for streaming, but couldn’t find the MP3s.  I searched the web, but nothing.  I searched torrents, no luck.  They were gone.

So I hopelessly wrote to BYUTV and asked where I could find them.  The response amazed me. A super nice shout out to Stephanie and Kaylee who sent me this email:

Dear Brad,

Thank you for your email. We are happy to hear that you have benefited from the Scripture Roundtable Discussions. As you correctly noted, these are no longer available in the audio format that you have been accessing. You’d be surprised to know that the cost to make these available was relatively high and since we didn’t have many users accessing the audio format, we decided to utilize our resources to support other services that are accessed by a wider audience.

However, if you would like to reply to this email with your address, we would be happy to send you the audio format of these discussions in the mail. If you have any other comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at 866-662-9888.

Have a great day!

Awesome!  Not sure how hosting the MP3s was really that expensive, but the fact that they were going to send me a copy for free boggled my mind.  I offered to pay, they refused.  Go BYU! A few days later in the mail, I received a DVD with 137 HOURS of audio!  Holy cow!  I burned the Pearl of Great Price series and Doctrine and Covenants series to an MP3 CD and began listening the next morning.

After having listened to these for about a month now, back and forth, I have to say that they are really amazing.  It has helped me to have more positive thoughts, understand the gospel better, understand church history better, and gain a greater testimony of the scriptures.  These are seriously a really great thing if you’re needing something to listen to on a commute.  So though you can write to BYUTV and have them mail you a copy of the program, I figured I’d upload it here.  If you’d like to download the entire set, all 4.1GB of it, click on the link and then be prepared to wait quite a while for it to download.  It’s in a .RAR format, so you’ll need something like WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRAR to unpack it. But it’s worth it, I promise.


I will issue one caveat.  In the Pearl of Great Price Discussions – which are great – Joseph Fielding McConkie drives me insane.  By the end I was getting ready to pull my hair out every time he paused before the last word in a sentence.  “Joseph Smith’s greatest revelation was obviously about the………………………Abrahamic Covenant.”  Just a heads up.  Enjoy.

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  1. Kristy says:

    I to have been looking for the audio files, thankyou for placing the downloads here for everyone.

  2. John says:

    You are a life saver! I had them all downloaded on my phone at one point but then upgraded. I tried to download the podcasts again with no luck. Definitely burning a backup!

  3. Jerry says:

    My computer also had crashed and when I went to find those audio round table discussions in Itunes and then BYUTV they had vanished into thin air. I want these to send to my married children who have families of their own as a study resource. Thank you for generously resurrecting these treasures and making them available. Awesome! Many Thanks!

    P.S. I downloaded your wide format B of M also. It’ll be a great study resource. My old annotated missionary set is so dogeared and falling apart I seldom pull them out any more.

    • bradjackman says:

      Thanks for the comment! My wife told me I was crazy when I put them online, but I knew there must be other people looking for them as well. Just started the Book of Mormon series this week, so far I’ve finished the PoGP and D&C. So much better than talk radio on my commute!

  4. John Governale says:

    I’m another thankful soul.

    Thought these were lost forever and I’d have to record them one at a time off the videos.

  5. Dalin says:

    I keep trying to download on a super fast connection, but I get to 800 meg (which is pretty hefty) and I strike out. Any chance of breaking them down into smaller files?

  6. Lindsey says:

    I had the same experience recently when I emailed byu’s website. Thanks for posting these!! I downloaded them but wonder what website is safe to download winzip etc for mac….maybe i’ll try download.com….. the CD they sent only had the book of mormon and new testament discussions. it would be nice if byu would post them on their website or Mormon channel. i think the issue is that a lot of people just have no idea that they even exist. I live on the east coast and most aren’t lucky enough to have byu tv at home.

  7. Lindsey says:

    when i downloaded and expanded your file with RAR expander from download.com it only contained the acts to revelations. i’m hoping to find insights into isaiah and the old testament discussions. maybe i can figure out a way to download all the video episodes that are posted on byutv’s website.

    • bradjackman says:

      Yeah, I tried to figure out a way to download them from there as well, but I couldn’t find an easy way. What probably happened with your download is that it terminated half way through, I’ve had that happen before too. I’ll try to get them all up in smaller chunks in the next few weeks. Sorry for the trouble!

  8. Matthew says:

    I’m always happy to find some more good things to listen to during my commute.
    Thanks! The file is downloading even as I type. Hooray for Dropbox!

  9. Jeremy Thorne says:

    Brad, massive thanks for doing this! Like all the other posts people had written, I had the files downloaded as podcasts and they were accidentally deleted. After searching I found your blog saw your communication with BYUtv and just downloaded them. Thanks a ton and let your wife know that me and many others appreciate what you have done!

    • Sarah Stout says:

      Hi Jeremy I have been listening to these on podcast form so I can speed them up a bit. They are great with come follow me too. Recently the link was changed or something and now I can’t download them. Your name is associated with them on the podcast. Is there a way that link could be fixed? I would love to listen to the acts to velation videos!

  10. […] there’s been hundreds of you who have downloaded the BYU Roundtable Discussions, a massive file including almost 5 gigabytes of MP3 audio files.  I’ve loved listening to […]

  11. No WAY! I thought these were lost forever! I’ve been looking for these for so long. Like you, I’d assumed they would always be available and was distraught when I found they’d been taken down. Props to BYU for taking the time to send you the resource for free! (Really, how much bandwidth could it really consume, for them to just leave them on their site? Maybe I just don’t know how the internet works.)

    Just FYI, I highly recommend another online resource: Talks for Growing Christians, a set of 15-minute podcasts by David Reid. They’re concise, filled with good historical background, and the best part is he always includes portions on personal application. For me, he’s become a great resource for the harder books like Leviticus or Habbakuk. Who in the world can pull a personal application out of a catalog of sacrificed animals? This guy can! 🙂 He’s Protestant, so of course occasionally he’ll make a comment we’d disagree with doctrinally, but the vast majority of it is totally useful for Mormons.


  12. Thanks so much for this, Brad! I had downloaded the BoM and D&C years ago and burned them onto CD. Can only find one now, and that was before they had the Pearl of Great Price and Isaiah. (And yes, JFMcC drives me batty, too!)

    I’m listening to them with headphones as I walk, but it means my phone is playing the video and eating up a lot of battery and data. Finally got frustrated, did a search, and found you! Heading to download them now. Thanks again.

  13. I am so grateful you went to the trouble of saving and sharing these discussions. I downloaded them years ago and then lost them. I loved listening to them and sharing them with others, and am so happy to have them again. Thank you so much.
    Also, thanks for the genealogy 7-Gen sheets. May the Lord bless you for what you are doing.

  14. Bryan Stinocher says:

    Thanks for uploading these and then letting us download them. I got them maybe 6 or 7 years ago at the iTunes store and listened to them on my daily walks. But time and several different computers corrupted the files and I was going crazy trying to get them again. So THANK YOU!

    And I TOTALLY understand about Brother McConkie. He has wonderful insights, but he talks like he is teaching all of the time, and you can tell that he just cannot help it! Imagine being his wife and she asks what he wants for dinner! I would like……..ham! hahaha. Thanks again.

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