TheJackmansHi, I’m Brad.  I’m a father, a husband, a genealogist, an author and publisher, an air traffic controller, a Latter-day Saint, a nerd, a tech-aficionado, and many other things.  I grew up in California, had two kids in Utah, two in Idaho, and now I’m back in Utah.  I haven’t been very good about masking my identity online, so I guess if someone wants to cyberstalk me, it’ll be pretty easy to find me.  Thus, I guess it’s okay to tell you about myself.

I grew up in the East San Francisco Bay Area, it was a great place to grow up for me.  We lived in Brentwood, Concord, Antioch, and a couple other places in that area.  I loved it.  It was diverse, unique, and fun.  Nature was close, and urban sprawl was limited by geography, so you didn’t feel like you were surrounded by the 7.6 million other people living in the metro area.  But, after I left for a mission to Minneapolis and college in Idaho, I figured I’d probably never settle in California.  Minnesota opened my eyes to “midwest-nice” and a slower pace of life.  Rexburg gave me a love of the open air and the benefits of a small town.  Every time I returned to California, I felt less and less attached.

After I married an Idaho farm girl, we returned to live in Napa, California for a short time while we figured out what to do with life.  My plan was to become a MesoAmerican anthropologist, but that didn’t seem to fit well with the family plan, so we decided to go after a career in genealogy.  By a complete miracle, I got a job that taught me a lot and let me work in genealogy to my heart’s content.  I was also able to start my own genealogy publishing company, a wonderful project and exciting venture I continue to this day. But while the publishing work was fun and lucrative, it was sporadic and unreliable for a primary occupation, and we couldn’t live on the paycheck from my day job, so we had to move on.

By another sheer miracle, I got accepted into an ATC program in SoCal, so we moved there for a semester, then waited two years to get hired by the FAA.  I was offered a job in Boise, Idaho as an air traffic controller, worked there for 5 years, then transferred back to Salt Lake City.  It’s grueling and difficult, but it’s a fun job, and the pay lets me support my family while letting my wife stay home.

The two most important things in my world are my family and my faith. I love them both dearly.  I have other little joys, like nerdy sci-fi shows, board games, geeky tech stuff, building and remodeling, and writing.  And this blog.  We’ll see where it goes.

Well, now you know who I am.  If there’s anything I can help with, just drop me a line.  See you around!