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Alright, alright, so there’s been THOUSANDS of you who have tried to download the LDS Audio files I have uploaded here, and a large portion of you are now getting errors with the zip files. It seems the hosting service or the download process is corrupting the file. Not cool. ┬áDon’t worry though, I think I’ve fixed the problem. I hope.

I have now uploaded all the files to Google Drive and made the files public. You can now download only the specific episodes you want, or the whole folder, or portions of a folder, or even just listen to them online without downloading them. Google is cool like that. There’s two ways to do it:

  1. If you have a google account, click on the links below to bring up the folder containing all the files. Add the folders to your google drive by clicking the “Add to Drive” button (if you’re already logged in). After they’re added to your drive, you can easily download them in groups, batches, or singly, then either leave them in the drive or remove them, your choice.
  2. If you don’t have a google account or don’t want to add them to your google drive, you can still download each file singly or listen to them online.

So here are the links to the folders on Google drive. Please let me know if you still have problems downloading the files:


Roundtable Discussions

Discussions on the Old Testament

Discussions on Isaiah (Insights into Isaiah)

Discussions on Our Savior in the Gospels

Discussions on Acts to Revelation

Discussions on the Book of Mormon

Discussions on the Doctrine and Covenants

Discussions on the Pearl of Great Price

Sped Up Scripture MP3s

Sped Up Book of Mormon

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I have. So far I’ve been able to listen to the discussions on the BoM, PoGP, and D&C, and the Sped Up BoM. I’m almost through with “Our Savior in the Gospels,” and will hit the “Acts to Revelation” section next. I’m definitely learning something new each day on my commute, which is more than I could say when I was just listening to the radio!

I’ve also added the PDF files for the scriptures that I’ve also posted on this site. Here’s the link to that directory:

Wide Margin Scriptures PDFs

Happy studying!