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Wow, a few months ago I posted the Wide Margin Edition of the Book of Mormon.  HUNDREDS of you have come here to download that PDF, which has been astonishing.  Some of you asked for editions of other standard works, and when the new revisions were released recently, you also asked for an updated PDF.  Well, I aim to please; ask and ye shall receive:

Book of Mormon

Doctrine and Covenants

Pearl of Great Price

Old Testament: Genesis-2 Samuel

Old Testament: 1 Kings-Malachi

New Testament

If this is your first time coming across these files, let me explain them a little bit.  These are the official PDF versions of the scriptures, straight from  All I did was go in and take the smaller sized pages, and increase the page size to letter size, without increasing the text size.  This provides you with a file that has the standard text and pagination of the standard works, but HUGE margins where you can write your thoughts, study notes, questions, quotes, lesson guides, references, or whatever you can come up with!  These are offered here free of charge.

To create your own copy, I’d suggest you print these out double-sided, and have them spiral bound so the volume can lay flat when open.  If you’d like, split the printing into two or more sections and bind separately (especially with the Old Testament) for easier writing.  Alternatively, you can three-hole-punch them and put them in a binder, but that just doesn’t look as cool.  I printed my own copy at home, but I had mine bound at the UPS store for somewhere around $5, with a stiff cover for the front and back to protect the pages.  The nice thing about these is that you can do whatever you want with them!  If you find some creative use, just come back and share it in the comments so others can use your nifty idea as well.

So there you have it!  As a side note, these editions are a little different than my first version of the Wide Margin Book of Mormon in the following ways:

  • -I have not offset each left and right page an additional half inch from the center.  Leaving each page centered allows you to print the book one-sided if you’d like.  I originally thought about doing this,  as you’d have the margins of the page of text, plus a whole blank page on the left hand side.  That’s ridiculous amounts of writing space! Tempting, but it would be huge.
  • -I did not increase the size of the text by 10% as I did in the first one.  While it was a little easier to read, it just wasn’t very noticable, and now your margins are just a teeny bit bigger as well.
  • -I added a tiny disclaimer and reference on the inside of the title page.

I hope you enjoy!  Happy studying, scriptorians!